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Chiangmai, Thailand, 2012.

Pure magic

Play of light in Buddhist temple. Thailand, Chiangmai, 2012.


Pashupatinat temple - the place for face your death. This hindu temple complex is one of the holiest places. Devoted to Shiva god it's also a place for cremations. There is also a home for elderly people. It's believed to pass away here is a way to heaven. Старик был снят в 2012 на территории храма Пашупатинат. Обычно там все снимают “ряженых” садху, которые за мзду скручиваются в йогические узоры или живописно раскуривают чиллумы. Но меня в тот момент окутали мысли о вечности и бренности нашего существования, что я и постарался выразить в этом снимке.

Tamangs' heritage

Woman from Tamang region of Nepal weared traditional clothes. Nepal, 2011.

Madonna from Nepal

Travel to Nepal is like a using time machine that send you back in few hundreds years ago. You can watch people living very traditional way. You can reach places inaccessible for any kinds of transport, except your feet. There you still have opportunity to find out how people lived before industrialization, simple, according to their cultures, very close to nature and happy. © Artem Zhushman. Nepal, 2011. Мадонна была снята в 2011. Тот самый случай, когда все сложилось идеально - свет, поза, взгляд, и ещё более редкий случай когда успеваешь это запечатлеть. Это было, кстати, мое первое путешествие в Непал. Я был поражен аутентичностью культуры тамангов, удивлен и очарован простотой и гармоничностью жизни на краю мира.

Kids from the streets

Nepal, Kathmandu, 2012. © Artem Zhushman

Magic Tattoo festival

Thailand, March 2011 *more info here -

Shaman's dance

Portrait of a dancing Tuvan shaman during a special consecration ritual.

Devoted to all brave Songkran warriors

This shot was made during Songkran festival in Phimai, Thailand, 2011.

Songkran day

Buddhist "new year" - Songkran. Thailand, Phimai, April 2011. Pouring water means purification and good luck in new year. More info -


Street scene from Muengla town, near the Laos-China border.

Chinese theater

The actor of Chinese traditional theater preparing for performance. Thailand, Bangkok, Chinatown, 2010.

Gathering tea

Worker on a tea plantations near Munnar. Kerala state, India.

Burning season

This shot was made during my trip to Maehongson in Nothern Thailand. March-May called a "burning season" in these areas and all mountains are covered with a smoke from burning forests.

Nomad's child

Old woman with child during the Holi festival in Madangeri village, Karnataka, India. They belong to Halakki Vokkaliga Tribe -

Shepherd from Karnataka

India, Karnataka state, 2013.

Carrying the leaves

Worker carrying the bag full of leaves at Gokarna beach, India.

On Indian streets

Colourful street life in wonderful India.

Smileland inhabitant

Thailand, Koh Kood, 2011

Sit, smoke, color

Street portrait, color version. Nepal, Kathmandu, 2013.

Sunset on Koh Samui

Beautiful sunset view from the west coast of Samui island. Image available to download and buy.

Fisherman's portrait

Portrait of a fisherman from South-West Thailand.

Young monks

This picture was made in Laos. At small temple in Vientiane's suburbs.

Rain in Kathmandu

Nepal, Kathmandu, 2013.

Growing up in Himalayas

Local kids in Bhujung village, Nepal, 2012.


Thailand, Khao Sok national park.

Bangkok's cityline

Thailand, Bangkok.



Statue of Lord Buddha covered with leaf gold in Ayutthaya.


Tattoed guy

Thailand, Pai, 2012.


One of the devotees carrying a pot with milk during Thaipusam hindu festival on Penang, Malaysia, 2012.More about festival -

Skytrain guard

Thailand, Bangkok, BTS station.

Little miss Loy Krathong

City parade during Loy Krathong festival celebrations in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Yet another sunset

Thailand, Pai. Shot and edited on iPhone 5s.

Hulivesha dancer

Boy wearing the tiger costume for traditional Hulivesha folk dance during the festival in Siringeri town, Karnataka state, India.